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Whenever you read something – like a book, newspaper, magazine, poster, billboard or web page – you will see typography in use. The term refers to the way in which letters can be arranged to make text appear aesthetically pleasing and easily readable to users.
Have you ever had a negative online user experience? Maybe (and not for lack of trying) because you couldn’t find the page you were looking for? By simplifying your website navigation, you can make sure those that come to your site don’t suffer the same frustration.
Building a website is no straightforward process. While you can break down the steps to make it easier to understand, as a whole, websites can be kind of confusing. Securing your domain name and web hosting are just two of the many smaller details that come with building a website.
Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) refers to standalone emails and email marketing campaigns that seek to engage your subscribers and, depending on the specifics of the EDM, encourage them to take action.
UX stands for User Experience. In the virtual world, this refers to the way that a user feels when they interact with your business online. Users can engage with your online business by accessing your website, software or any mobile applications.
When our clients first come onboard, many of them don’t understand the process of building a website – so we break it down for them. We simplify the website building process by separating it out into smaller, simpler steps.
Upon first glance, building a custom website might feel a little far-fetched. Though it may seem like an exorbitant undertaking, having a custom built website does, in reality, become an invaluable investment for your business.
Your SEO report gives you an overview of how you are performing in the search engine results pages. Implementing a comprehensive SEO strategy across your site is step one. Step two is understanding your monthly SEO report when it comes through.
An irregularly updated (or incorrectly built) website can result in an array of issues that lead to a negative user experience. When your website isn’t doing what it’s supposed to, both you and visitors to your site will suffer.
So you’ve created a product, found your niche and built your website. Great job! But what comes next? And how do you bring customers to your (physical or virtual) door?

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