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Google announced the plan to sunset Universal Analytics and replace it with Google Analytics 4 on July 1 2023. This means the site owners & the marketers should get familiar with the operation of Google Analytics 4 and take advantage of the data GA4 provided to help you grow your business.
Flat design is a popular web design technique that has been trending for some years now. Modern and minimalistic, it delivers all the information the user needs in a straightforward and aesthetically pleasing package.
A comprehensive SEO strategy will bump up your website’s rankings in search engine results pages. However, your SEO strategy should not be aimed at desktop only. When it comes to page rankings and indexing, Google cares more about mobile.
Link building isn’t a term you’re likely to hear in everyday conversation – unless that conversation is about improving your SEO strategy.
The relationship between your bounce rate and SEO is an interesting one, because search engines like Google don’t actually use it as a metric in determining page rankings – and yet, it affects your rankings nonetheless.
Mobile devices enable us to do so much more than simple communication. With them, we have the power to record and schedule our lives, watch tv, read books, learn new skills, do our work and access the furthest reaches of the internet. Smartphones and mobile devices are taking over the world, and your website has no other option but to keep up and adapt to these new technological ways.
When it comes to starting a new business or revamping your website the question to ask yourself is this: should I opt for a custom web design or use a website template?
The complexities of building a website are seemingly endless. Who knew there were so many different routes to take and choices to make? Choosing between responsive and adaptive web design is just one of the many decisions you’ll be faced with when building your website from scratch.
Meta descriptions are found in the search engine (e.g. Google or Yahoo) results pages. They are the short descriptions displayed beneath each page link that describe the contents of your web page.
A mood board can be either digital or physical and works as a visual representation of your brand. A collage of different images, colours, words and fabrics, it seeks to better define and reflect your brand identity.

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