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Intro To The Cool Hunter

In 2019, The Cool Hunter, a trailblazer in curating global design, lifestyle trends, and innovative products, envisioned a bold transformation. With the aim of transitioning from an esteemed editorial website into a sophisticated ecommerce store, The Cool Hunter sought Ven Agency’s expertise.

This vision was not only about diversifying revenue streams but also about creating a more tangible connection between its audience and the design world. The result was a seamless integration of commerce and content, elevating the user experience and setting a new benchmark in the digital retail space.

Key Results
increase within 3 months
increase within 1 month of launch
increase in average engaged session duration.


  • Ecommerce Platform Development: Construct a robust, user-friendly ecommerce platform that embodies The Cool Hunter’s aesthetic and editorial voice, providing a seamless shopping experience for its discerning audience.
  • Advanced Filtering System: Implement sophisticated filtering options allowing customers to navigate the extensive product range effortlessly, based on preferences like material, color, gift types, and price range, enhancing product discoverability and user satisfaction.
  • Full Funnel Marketing Campaign: Launch comprehensive digital marketing campaigns across Google Ads, Meta (Facebook and Instagram Ads), and SEO to drive both B2C sales and brand awareness, attracting a diverse audience of design enthusiasts and potential customers.
  • Email Marketing Management: Develop and manage The Cool Hunter’s Email Direct Marketing (EDM) strategy, creating engaging content to nurture and expand the customer base, fostering long-term brand loyalty and repeat purchases.


Ven Agency crafted a multifaceted strategy that harmonised with The Cool Hunter’s brand ethos while ensuring commercial viability:

User-Centric Web Design

Leveraged Ven’s expertise in web design to develop a platform that’s not only visually striking but also intuitive, facilitating an enjoyable shopping experience that resonates with The Cool Hunter’s design-savvy audience.

Advanced Product Filtering

Developed a sophisticated filtering system, allowing users to find products that match their exact preferences, enhancing user satisfaction, improving product discoverability, and ultimately driving sales.

Integrated Marketing Approach

Executed a full-funnel advertising strategy, leveraging the strengths of Google Ads, Meta, and SEO to attract a diverse audience of design enthusiasts and potential customers. This approach was complemented by crafting and scheduling compelling EDMs to engage and retain customers, encouraging repeat purchases and brand loyalty.

Content and Commerce Fusion

Ensured the ecommerce platform remained true to The Cool Hunter’s editorial roots by integrating rich, engaging content with the shopping experience, thereby telling a compelling story behind each product and maintaining the brand’s unique voice and authority in the design space.


The collaboration between The Cool Hunter and Ven Agency heralded a new era for the brand:

  • Successful Ecommerce Transition: Launched in 2020, the new shop page marked a significant milestone, transforming The Cool Hunter from an editorial giant into a dynamic ecommerce platform, diversifying its revenue streams and offering a new way for its audience to engage with the brand.
  • Enhanced Shopping Experience: The sophisticated filtering system was a game-changer, significantly improving product visibility and customer satisfaction by enabling easy navigation through a curated selection of design-led products, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.
  • Increased Sales and Engagement: The integrated digital marketing campaigns successfully drove B2C sales while attracting a new wave of artists and designers to collaborate with The Cool Hunter, broadening the product range and appeal, and solidifying the brand’s position as a leader in the design and lifestyle space.
  • Elevated Brand Perception: The seamless blend of editorial content and ecommerce functionality not only maintained The Cool Hunter’s prestigious brand image but also elevated its market position, attracting a discerning clientele interested in design and lifestyle products, and establishing the brand as a go-to destination for innovative, high-quality offerings.

This case study exemplifies how The Cool Hunter and Ven Agency’s strategic partnership successfully navigated the complex transition from editorial prestige to ecommerce excellence, setting a benchmark in blending content with commerce and showcasing the power of a well-executed digital transformation in the design and lifestyle industry.