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Intro Death Gin

In the dynamic landscape of Australian spirits, Death Gin emerges as a trailblazer, embodying the essence of premium dry gin with an audacious twist. Founded by passionate gin aficionados, Death Gin’s mission is to redefine the gin experience, inviting patrons to be the ultimate arbiters of its quality.

With a tagline that celebrates life – “It’s a gin to be enjoyed with life, because if you’re not living, you’re already dead” – Death Gin sets the stage for a bold and unforgettable journey.

Key Results
Online Revenue
increase within 4 month of launch
Paid Ads ROAS
increase within 4 month of launch
Organic Rankings
Top 10
organic positions for all gin products


In late 2019, Death Gin approached Ven Agency with a vision to revolutionise their online presence. Recognising the untapped potential of their ecommerce store, Death Gin sought Ven’s expertise to create a digital experience that would not only reflect their bold and unconventional brand identity but also drive sales and customer engagement.

The partnership marked the beginning of a transformative journey, as Ven Agency embarked on a comprehensive project encompassing art and creative direction, website design and development, SEO, Paid Ads, and EDM management. With a shared commitment to innovation and excellence, Death Gin and Ven Agency set out to redefine the online gin experience and establish Death Gin as Australia’s premier premium dry gin.


  • Brand Revitalisation: Collaborate with Death Gin to revamp their underperforming online store, creating an ecommerce website that authentically reflects their unique and bold brand identity.
  • Creative Direction: Provide comprehensive art and creative direction to ensure a cohesive and compelling brand experience across all digital touchpoints.
  • Website Development: Design and develop a user-centric, visually striking ecommerce platform that showcases Death Gin’s products and brand story.
  • Digital Marketing: Implement a robust digital marketing strategy encompassing SEO, Paid Ads, and EDM management to drive traffic, boost conversions, and foster customer loyalty.


Ven Agency’s multifaceted approach aimed to elevate Death Gin’s online presence and drive business growth:

Art and Creative Direction

Crafted a distinctive visual language that encapsulates Death Gin’s rebellious spirit and premium positioning. From product photography to website design, every element was carefully curated to create a cohesive and immersive brand experience.

Website Design and Development

Developed a responsive, user-friendly ecommerce platform that seamlessly integrates Death Gin’s bold aesthetics with intuitive navigation and streamlined checkout processes. The website’s engaging product descriptions and storytelling elements invite users to explore the depths of their imagination with each pour.

SEO and Paid Ads

Implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy to improve organic visibility and rankings for key gin-related search terms. Complemented this with a highly targeted Paid Ads campaign across Google and social media platforms to drive qualified traffic and boost conversions.

EDM Management

Designed and executed a series of compelling email marketing campaigns to nurture leads, promote new products, and foster long-term customer relationships. By leveraging personalisation and segmentation techniques, these campaigns delivered relevant, engaging content that resonated with Death Gin’s audience.


The partnership between Death Gin and Ven Agency yielded remarkable results:

  • Ecommerce Success: The revamped online store, launched in early 2020, witnessed an astonishing 1100% increase in revenue within just 4 months, showcasing the effectiveness of the new platform in driving sales and customer engagement.
  • Paid Ads Performance: The strategic Paid Ads campaign delivered a 400% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), demonstrating the power of targeted advertising in reaching the right audience and driving conversions.
  • Organic Visibility: Through meticulous SEO efforts, Death Gin achieved top 10 organic rankings for all its gin products, enhancing brand visibility and attracting high-quality organic traffic.
  • Brand Elevation: The cohesive creative direction and compelling website experience not only reinforced Death Gin’s unique brand identity but also positioned them as a leader in the premium gin market, attracting a loyal and discerning customer base.

This case study exemplifies the transformative power of a well-executed digital strategy in the spirits industry. By combining creative vision, technical expertise, and data-driven marketing, the Ven team helped Death Gin transcend the ordinary and establish itself as Australia’s premier premium dry gin, inviting patrons to embrace life one sip at a time.