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Intro To Portner Press

Portner Press, a prominent business-to-business publisher in Australia, has long been recognised for its ability to transform complex legal, financial, and administrative information into accessible and engaging content. With a focus on creating practical handbooks and resources tailored to the needs of Australian businesses, Portner Press ensures that vital information is not only easily understandable but also actionable.

Key Results
New Memberships
increase in new monthly subscriptions
On-page Engagement
increase within 3 month of launch
Organic Keywords
new keywords in the top 10 positions within 6 months of launch


In late 2019, Portner Press partnered with Ven Agency to undertake a significant digital transformation, aiming to convert their paid print membership to a digital subscription model for their flagship products: the Health and Safety Handbook and the Employment Law Handbook.


  • Digital Transformation: Transition Portner Press’s paid print membership to a digital subscription model for the Health and Safety Handbook and Employment Law Handbook.
  • Website Development: Design and develop three websites, including the organisation’s main website (portnerpress.com.au) and dedicated sites for the two subscription products.
  • Subscription Model Optimisation: Streamline the subscription process, automating billing and renewals for existing print subscribers and new members.
  • Team Subscription Management: Enable larger organisations and companies to create and manage team subscriptions with ease.


Ven Agency’s comprehensive approach focused on modernising Portner Press’s digital presence and optimising their subscription model:

Website Design and Development

Crafted three distinct, user-friendly websites that not only showcase Portner Press’s expertise but also provide seamless access to their subscription products. The sleek, intuitive design ensures that users can easily navigate the wealth of information available and find the resources they need.

Subscription Model Automation

Developed a robust, automated subscription system that simplifies the billing and renewal process for both existing print subscribers and new digital members. This streamlined approach reduces administrative overhead and enhances the overall user experience.

Team Subscription Management

Implemented a sophisticated team subscription management feature, allowing larger organisations to create and manage multiple user accounts with ease. This feature enables seamless collaboration and information sharing within teams, enhancing the value proposition for corporate subscribers.

SEO Optimisation

Conducted extensive keyword research and implemented strategic on-page optimisation techniques to improve organic visibility and rankings. By targeting relevant, high-traffic keywords, Portner Press was able to attract a larger audience and establish itself as an authority in its niche.


The collaboration between Portner Press and Ven Agency yielded impressive results:

  • Organic Search Dominance: Within just 6 months of launch, Portner Press achieved thousands of new keywords in the top 10 search engine positions, dramatically increasing their online visibility and attracting a wider audience.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: The new websites and optimised subscription model led to an astonishing 800% increase in on-page engagement, indicating a highly satisfied and actively engaged user base.
  • Subscription Growth: Portner Press witnessed a remarkable 500% increase in new monthly memberships, a testament to the effectiveness of the digital transformation in attracting and retaining subscribers.
  • Streamlined Operations: The automated subscription model and team management features significantly reduced administrative burdens, allowing Portner Press to focus on creating high-quality content and serving their customers better.

This case study demonstrates the power of strategic digital transformation in the publishing industry. By leveraging Ven Agency’s expertise in website development, subscription model optimisation, and SEO, Portner Press successfully transitioned from a traditional print-based model to a thriving digital subscription business.

The result is a more engaged audience, increased revenue, and a stronger position in the market as a leading provider of accessible, practical business resources.