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Intro To Postr

Founded with a mission to empower artists and transform passion into passive income, Postr has quickly carved a niche for itself in the art industry. Ven Agency partnered with Postr to create an innovative platform that allows artists to monetise their art by selling high-quality printed wall arts directly to end consumers. This collaboration aimed to build not just an ecommerce platform but a community where art creation meets appreciation, fostering a vibrant ecosystem for artists and buyers alike.

Key results
acquired within 3 months
increase within 3 months
Artist Cost
Per Acquisition
decrease at launch.


  • Launch a Dynamic Ecommerce Platform: Develop a user-friendly ecommerce platform tailored for the sale of high-quality wall arts, providing a seamless purchasing experience for art enthusiasts.
  • Create an Artist Marketplace and Dashboard: Integrate a comprehensive system for artists to manage their profiles, upload their work, and track sales, thereby empowering them with control over their monetiation process.
  • Implement a Holistic Digital Advertising Strategy: Execute a broad-reaching digital marketing campaign across Google Ads, SEO, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads to drive direct consumer sales and attract new artists to the platform.


Ven Agency’s approach was multifaceted, targeting both market positioning and platform usability to ensure Postr’s success:

Targeted Branding:

Utilised detailed customer personas to tailor branding and marketing efforts, ensuring messages resonated with specific segments of art enthusiasts and artists.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Enhanced the website’s design and user experience to maximise conversions, focusing on intuitive navigation and seamless checkout processes.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing

Launched an extensive brand awareness campaign across various digital platforms. Implemented retargeting ads to capture the interest of website visitors and convert them into customers. Optimised SEO strategies to improve organic search visibility and attract a wider audience.


The collaboration between Postr and Ven Agency yielded remarkable results, significantly impacting the art industry by:

  • Revolutionising Artist Monetisation: Provided a robust platform for hundreds of artists to reach global audiences, turning their creative endeavors into sustainable income sources.
  • Boosting Art Sales: Through targeted digital marketing campaigns, Postr saw a substantial increase in B2C sales, with art enthusiasts eagerly purchasing unique and meaningful pieces for their spaces.
  • Expanding the Artist Community: The comprehensive digital advertising strategy successfully attracted a diverse range of artists to join Postr, expanding the variety and richness of the art available on the platform.

Postr’s ecommerce platform, developed and marketed by Ven Agency, has not only empowered artists but also democratised access to unique art pieces for enthusiasts worldwide. This case study exemplifies how technology, when combined with a clear vision and strategic marketing, can transform traditional industries and create new opportunities for income and expression.