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Sensori + is all about bringing the outside, in. With their stately scents and air detoxifying mists, you can bet on these bad boys to bring a whole new level of feng shui to your indoor-outdoor flow.

What we did?

Sensori+ started out small (didn’t we all?). When we first met our fresh, outdoorsy smelling pals, they were only stocked in a single department store. The crew at Sensori+ asked us to help bring their brand into the upper echelon of the online retail world – which we were happy to make happen.

Our mission

As the brand began to boom throughout Australia and further afield, we started adding to the website and building new product pages. Ven walked side-by-side with Sensori+ as they grew, integrating SEO, improving usability and helping with the expansion of what – in our opinion – is now a pretty slick site.