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VEN collectively develops and shapes holistic solutions for strategic growth with your business goals always front of mind. Collaborate with us today and start transforming sales strategy into a forecast for success.


A solid growth strategy starts by identifying and harnessing opportunities within your market. All of your marketing channels must harmonise to help your business evolve.
Build and Schedule
Report and Assess

By studying and assessing existing marketing activities, we can dissect any pain points to refine and eliminate ineffective strategies or platforms to develop an overall plan that helps us move towards our goal.

There are a number of factors that allow us to establish a set of marketing priorities when it comes to your short-term vs. long-term business goals. This could be increasing brand awareness, driving traffic, and growing your email lists, or the ultimate goal – generate leads and sales!

With this in mind, we will provide a detailed roadmap outlining your strategies, tactics, recommended budget and platforms, so you can hone in on your targets and not waste time or money in the wrong areas!

All hands on deck at this stage! We enter the planning process across all chosen marketing channels with our team’s collective skills and backgrounds.

During this stage, we ask ourselves these questions: who uses what channel, what are they using it for, is each platform relevant for the personas that we have defined in the previous step, what is the right messaging tone and topic for each group of your audiences, and most importantly, your campaign KPI’s to ensure you can gauge performance against goals.

By leveraging the talent of our in-house Design and Content teams, we create beautifully engaging, customer-focused content for your campaign.

Each campaign is strategically scheduled over different periods of time, during which your audiences are most likely to engage and interact with the brand.

It’s essential that every campaign executed by our team has proper tracking in place to measure conversion and success.

With a number of state-of-the-art tools and platforms, you can trust our analytical brains to continuously assess your customer data and learn valuable insights – such as what’s working, directly generating leads and sales, as well as what isn’t and what will we try next.

This means finding your top-performing campaigns, channels, and content, whilst tweaking your strategy to be responsive to what your customers really want to get the most out of your budget.

The Cool Hunter had a strong digital presence when they came to us for assistance in pushing their reach further, and the VEN team were able to identify pressure points with strong strategies to push The Cool Hunter further into the customer viewpoint. As a result, The Cool Hunter saw a huge increase in organic traffic.


In organic traffic
Lindt saw astronomical results as a result of their work with the VEN team. Our team worked tirelessly to push Lindt's digital performance to new heights, with incredible results that speak for themselves.


In organic traffic
Roll'd saw a monumental result from their work with the VEN team, growing over 480% in organic traffic. The VEN Strategy pushed Roll'd ahead of their competitors with incredible results across the board.


In organic traffic
It is always a pleasure when new companies come to VEN for help in launching their business. VEN worked with Hunter Lab from the very start of their leap into the business world, with VEN achieving outstanding digital results for the Hunter Lab team.


In organic traffic
  • Tim @ Flourish

  • Thomas @ Lindt

  • The team at VEN are fantastic to work with. Right from the start they have made every effort to understand what it is we wanted and they have over delivered on everything, no matter how custom the request has been. The ongoing support and development is also second to none. We are thrilled to work with them on all our projects and look forward to the next one.

    Tim @ Flourish
  • Steve and the team at VEN were the perfect agency to help us create new, exciting, and specialised pages for our local website. Their innovative approach, hard work, passion and support to incorporate the somewhat intricate information into fresh-looking and easy-to-understand webpages explaining the complexities of fine chocolate flavours and pairings certainly was second to none and an enormous help.

    The content and pages created by VEN certainly are appreciated by Lindt lovers and were also shared as ‘Best practice’ by management within Lindt globally.

    Thomas @ Lindt