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How To Make a Mood Board For Your Brand

What is a mood board?

A mood board can be either digital or physical and works as a visual representation of your brand. A collage of different images, colours, words and fabrics, it seeks to better define and reflect your brand identity.

A mood board is important for business in a myriad of ways, including design, marketing and other projects requiring visual elements. When building a website, a mood board helps the design team to understand who you are as a business and the message you want to convey.

Why does your brand need a mood board?

A mood board has the capacity to bring your business’ vision, goals and culture to life. Where words alone might not deliver, using a mood board enables you to tell your story through a visual platform.

For any brand-related projects, a mood board can help your team to better understand the direction and angle your brand might take, as well as any visual elements that ought to be included in the design.

Making a mood board for your brand


How To Make a Mood Board For Your Brand

As with anything business-related, it is important to always keep your audience front of mind. When making your mood board, remember that appealing to your audience – and not just to yourself – is key.


How To Make a Mood Board For Your Brand

Colour is everything. Whether consciously or not, it’s the first thing people will recognise when they land on your site. With the powerful ability to elicit emotion, colours can influence the way your audience feels. Is your brand happy yellow, calm blue or classic black?


Imagery can include everything from photos (whether they be your own or those found online), to illustrations and artworks. Use images of any kind that you believe align with your brand and really promote the idea of who you are as a business.


Turn to inspirational quotes or individual letters and you might just find – in the font or the overall message – an accurate way to represent your brand. Typography is a great way to capture the essence of your brand, even if it is through someone else’s words.

Patterns, textures and shapes

Integrating textures, patterns and shapes into your mood board can add another layer to your brand. Show your audience that your brand is not one-dimensional but instead, multi-layered and thought-provoking.

Mood boards are a must

Crafting a mood board for your business is the first step to understanding, and further developing, your brand.

Once it accurately captures your brand’s look, feels and general vibe, you can use your mood board in the future as a guide for marketing, a reference point or a source of inspiration.

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