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Flourish are keen on all things health. Their nutritional supplements are pure, powdered, plant-based and powerful, sourced from whole foods and basically best buds with Mother Nature.

What we did?

Need help revamping your online presence? Because that’s what we did for Flourish! We brought visual coherence to their new brand, constructing a seamless look and flow for their site.



MARCH 2019

The Result

Because they loved our creation so much, we’ve kept in touch! Since the birth of the project (and as the self-appointed godparents that we are), we’ve helped bring this baby into teendom, building additional web stuff to enhance the overall digital experience.

Tim Ashton, Operations Manager - Flourish

"The team at Ven are fantastic to work with. Right from the start they have made every effort to understand what it is we wanted and they have over delivered on everything, no matter how custom the request has been.”