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The backbone of your strategic marketing! When carrying out a Performance Audit, VEN can help identify any existing pain points and obtain a clear understanding of where your brand stands online, which empowers your every digital action!


When it comes to SEO and Conversion Rate Optimisations, Performance Matters! How fast your website loads, your mobile optimisation, and your image ratio (to name a few factors) aren’t just positive for the end-user experience - they're crucial in ensuring search engines don't penalise your site.

By running a comprehensive Brand Online Performance Audit, we identify, evaluate and benchmark your brand’s visibility against key industry competitors across your digital platforms to define informed and practical recommendations to form a bespoke strategy for your brand.

Our team of highly experienced marketers and specialists will outline a short-term and long-term plan of attack, with clear goals tailored to your business needs, covering all aspects of your online presence.

The strategy will include a holistic plan of interdependent tasks across platforms to ensure consistent messaging and ultimately convert your online traffic.

VEN’s highly skilled SEO Specialists are driven by results, and our goal is to get your business the best outcome, every single time.

We do this by continuously implementing and adopting best-in-class methods tailored to your industry, products, and services, that address your existing pain points and communicate the right message to a variety of your audience segments, pushing your business further into visibility for your customers.

Our team are obsessed with stats, and we treat data as an opportunity to continuously optimise and improve your online performance across the board.

Throughout collaboration with our team, you will gain access to an overarching reporting dashboard with visibility of quantifiable metrics that allow for clarity on your ROIs. Your specialist can be booked online to discuss your stats, provide insights and actions based on all key findings.

We’ll make sure you understand the numbers and why they matter.

Lindt saw astronomical results as a result of their work with the VEN team. Our team worked tirelessly to push Lindt's digital performance to new heights, with incredible results that speak for themselves.


In organic traffic
The Cool Hunter had a strong digital presence when they came to us for assistance in pushing their reach further, and the VEN team were able to identify pressure points with strong strategies to push The Cool Hunter further into the customer viewpoint. As a result, The Cool Hunter saw a huge increase in organic traffic.


In Online Sales
Roll'd saw a monumental result from their work with the VEN team, growing over 480% in organic traffic. The VEN Strategy pushed Roll'd ahead of their competitors with incredible results across the board.


In organic traffic
It is always a pleasure when new companies come to VEN for help in launching their business. VEN worked with Hunter Lab from the very start of their leap into the business world, with VEN achieving outstanding digital results for the Hunter Lab team.


In sales
  • Thomas @ Lindt

  • Tim @ Flourish

  • Rachael @ Houndztooth

  • Steve and the team at VEN were the perfect agency to help us create new, exciting, and specialised pages for our local website. Their innovative approach, hard work, passion and support to incorporate the somewhat intricate information into fresh-looking and easy-to-understand webpages explaining the complexities of fine chocolate flavours and pairings certainly was second to none and an enormous help.
    The content and pages created by VEN certainly are appreciated by Lindt lovers and were also shared as ‘Best Practice’ by management within Lindt globally.

    Thomas @ Lindt
  • The team at VEN are fantastic to work with. Right from the start they have made every effort to understand what it is we wanted and they have over delivered on everything, no matter how custom the request has been. The ongoing support and development is also second to none. We are thrilled to work with them on all our projects and look forward to the next one.

    Tim @ Flourish
  • Houndztooth has been using VEN since 2018. I engaged VEN to design and launch our website. As a new business it was important to work with a team such as VEN that understand my vision and our brand philosophy. I have many comments from customers as well as businesses on our website.

    I continue to use VEN for ongoing website management, SEOs, website design and some of our digital marketing. The team are excellent to work with and I have a lot of trust in their ability to deliver.

    Rachael @ Houndztooth