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The 3 Simple Steps To Building A Website

When our clients first come onboard, many of them don’t understand the process of building a website – so we break it down for them. We simplify the website building process by separating it out into smaller, simpler steps.

A website build is a straightforward thing

When our clients first come on board, many of them don’t understand the process of building a website – so we break it down for them. We simplify the website building process by separating it out into smaller, simpler steps.

A new website build starts with a spark, and that spark comes from the client. Once you have the idea, we bring it to life. There are three main phases to a website build, under which are certain ‘substeps’. We explain in more detail below.

1. Conception

Step one: Conception. This is the very first phase of the website build, where the client (you) comes to us with their idea and we draw out a plan to make their concept a reality.


The very first step of a website build is the initial consultation – one that should usually be free of charge and come without strings attached. This is a conversation where you can outline exactly what it is that you need, and we (your website builders) can figure out how best to help you.

Following the conversation, we will draw up a proposal for you (again, free of charge) that outlines pricing for your website build in its entirety, including design, development, functionality, user experience, and more.


Once you’ve giVen us the go-ahead, we get started on planning the project. During this stage, you sit tight while we outline what the expected timeline for the project might look like. We plan out each step, from design through to development and testing, and then we send it all through to you.

2. Creation

Step two: Creation. This phase is the one where we build your website and bring it to life. By the end of this phase, you will have a real, functioning website!


Our design team takes your original idea and creates a customised look for your website. In order to do so, we use your web questionnaire (which you fill out during the planning phase) to get a better understanding of your business, what it is that you offer, and how we can best visually represent it.

During the design phase, you will have the opportunity to review the designs we draw up for you and make any requested changes (up to as many as 2 major redesigns) until the design has been approved.


Upon your approval of the design, the development stage can begin! This is where our development team takes the approved design and turns it into a fully functioning website. There’s a lot of coding done during this time, and we fix any unexpected bugs as they come up.

Client review and approval

Before we move onto the final phase, we give you time to review the website as a whole and identify any changes that need to be made prior to launch. This also gives you the opportunity to upload your content if you are writing it yourself.

3. Completion

Step three: Completion. The final phase of your project is all about getting it live and making it available for your target audience.


When you have completed your review and the approval process has been finalised, we move forward to the final step of your website build – the launch!

Launching your website means transitioning it over from a staging site (this is only visible to us – you and the agency you’re working with) to the live site, which is visible and accessible to everyone.

Ongoing maintenance

Once the website is up and running, the most important thing is to have an ongoing maintenance plan to cover any unexpected bumps that might pop up.

An ongoing maintenance plan will also allow you to update your website as necessary. Whether it’s fixing a bug, adding in a new feature or adjusting a function, we’ll be here to get it done for you.

Understanding the website process is easy

The website building process shouldn’t be a confusing one, and we hope that we’ve helped you to better understand it. As with anything, building a website starts with the spark of an idea and ends with having brought that idea to life.

Building a website is easy. We’ll help you do it >