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Generating Social Media Ideas

Coming up with original and engaging content for social media can sometimes feel like a job in itself. As a business owner with an already packed schedule, thinking up new ideas for your social posts can be tough.

An engaging social media feed should be both unique and trendy

Coming up with original and engaging content for social media can sometimes feel like a job in itself. As a business owner with an already packed schedule, thinking up new ideas for your social posts can be tough.

In reality, there are so many ways that you can bring captivating content to your audience. From repurposing old content to researching current trends, the ideas are already out there. All you have to do is make them your own.

Make it personal

People love when you make social media personal. Use a live stream to capture moments in real-time. Take a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at eVents, projects and everyday tasks in the workplace.

Feature your employees, showcase your office space and share your favourite places, poems or work perks. People want to see real, genuine people, and that is something you can provide for them across your socials.

Repurpose old content

Repurpose the work you have already done. Pull segments from old blogs or clips from videos and recreate them into quotes or GIFs. Using these repurposed pieces, you can create new social media posts that link back to the original content.

Run a competition

Everyone is a fan of freebies. Running a competition is a great way to showcase your products, reward your followers and gain new ones.

Wherever you post your giveaway, be sure to read over the legalities before proceeding – you don’t want your competition post to be removed because you didn’t follow the rules.

Get influencers involved

Influencers have a lot of power in the digital world. As the term suggests, their ‘influence’ is far-reaching, effective and profitable (to both them and you!).

Rounding up some influencers and having them promote your brand, write a guest post or take over your social media account for a day will get people talking about your business. Remember to work only with those who share your values and genuinely love your products.

Inspirational quotes

Sometimes it takes someone else to put our own feelings into words. Sharing an inspirational quote – either from a role model or by using one of your own – can connect you to your followers on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Customer photos and guest posts

If you have customers loving your brand, talk about it! With their permission, post a photo of them using your product or reaping the rewards of your service.

Having legitimate customers promote your brand and providing a space for user-generated content will build trust with both your existing and prospective audience.

Tips and tricks

Educating your audience is an excellent way to keep them interested. You can do this by recording how-to videos, crafting step-by-step tutorials or writing listicles of your top tips and tricks on any giVen subject.

Focus on the topics that you’re an expert in. If you own a plant nursery, post a how-to video on identifying weeds in the garden. As a clothing brand, write about must-have accessories for a night out.

Talk about trending topics

Be unique, always. If you are interested in discussing a trending topic, add your voice to the conversation in a way that sparks a new idea or perspective. International Women’s Day? Highlight the women in your workplace. World Nutella Day? Make a day of it in the office and go live.

Remember that trending content is time-sensitive, and if you do choose to highlight it in your posts, make sure that it is still relevant when you do.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery

When all else fails, remember that you can always glean inspiration from the ideas of others. See something on your social media feed that you like? Why not try reinVenting it in your own, imaginative way?

Inspiration is everywhere, if only you know where to look. Share posts that inspire you and give credit where credit is due. Curating social media content doesn’t have to be boring, and it certainly doesn’t have to be hard.

Make it fun. Make it fresh. Turn your social media feed into something that you enjoy scrolling through, and others will enjoy it, too.

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