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Checklist for Digital Marketing 2022

Digital marketing, when done right, has the potential to springboard a business into the limelight where it may not have been visible before.

Marketing checklist for small business owners

Digital marketing, when done right, has the potential to springboard a business into the limelight where it may not have been visible before.

It doesn’t have to cost the earth, either. If you only have a small budget – or none – to begin with, digital marketing can still hold many opportunities for you. As a small business owner, working from a checklist can help you figure out where to start and what to do next.


Your website is the first place that people will be directed to, so having one that is both alive and accessible is essential. Digital marketing across other aVenues can end up being a pointless exercise if your website itself is of poor quality, or doesn’t exist at all.


Search Engine Optimisation is a strategy used to boost your website’s visibility in search engine results pages, like those from Google. When done right, SEO works to increase the quantity and quality of valuable inbound traffic to your site.


Think about how much time you spend on your mobile every day. Capturing users who, more often than not, spend more time on their mobiles than desktops, means providing a mobile-friendly platform that is easy for them to navigate.

User experience

A website that is engaging, interactive and aesthetically pleasing is one that visitors will spend more time on, and return to again in the future. Providing an experience that is both easy and captivating is one that users will stick around for.


Content, in this day and age, is key. Without it, users have no ability to learn, visualise or better understand your business and what it offers. Regularly uploading content also helps your SEO performance, and gives visitors a reason to keep coming back for more.

Social media marketing

Marketing across social media is an excellent way to keep your brand top of mind. By building your presence across a network or two (or ten!), you can reach a wider audience than with your website alone – creating a sense of community along the way.

Social media is a platform that encourages engagement, allowing your brand to show off its personality in a connected, genuine way. Whether you opt for paid ads or free posts, a social media marketing campaign can boost your business and increase lead generation and sales.

Email marketing

Email marketing gives you the ability to reach those who have already shown an interest in your business by subscribing to your email list. With so many potential, previous and current customers at your fingertips, the opportunity for sales and future engagement is exponential.

Choose the email marketing platform that works for you. Whether it be a matter of affordability, accessibility or overall capabilities, there will be one out there to suit your needs. Encourage people to sign-up by offering something in exchange, like a free eBook or discount on their first purchase.

Metrics, monthly reports and performance reviews

Understanding how your digital marketing is performing will help you to figure out what’s working, what isn’t, and what needs to change. There are many tools available to businesses that create reports, offer insights and track the performance of their marketing campaigns.

Utilise these tools to better understand the gaps in your digital marketing strategy and the places where you can improve.

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