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Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Being mobile-friendly in this modern age

make your website mobile-friendly

The first smartphone was released in 1992, though things didn’t really kick off until the launch of the iPhone 15 years later. Since then, mobile devices have become increasingly more innovative, growing in popularity with each new feature and tailor-made function added.

Mobile devices enable us to do so much more than simple communication. With them, we have the power to record and schedule our lives, watch tv, read books, learn new skills, do our work and access the furthest reaches of the internet.

Smartphones and mobile devices are taking over the world, and your website has no other option but to keep up and adapt to these new technological ways.

The benefits of having a mobile-friendly website

By the end of 2019, 52.6% of global website traffic came from mobile devices. That means over half of the visitors to your site are likely to make the virtual trip from their phone.

With so many potential customers being directed to your site via their mobile devices, it is important that you make their experience a worthwhile one.

Be accessible

Your website needs to be easily accessible to your target audience, who are likely to visit from their phone or tablet – and not their computer – at some point or other.

When browsing through the information on their phones, users want to find what they need as quickly as possible. Make sure your website is clearly labelled and easy to navigate so that visitors to your site will be more inclined to stick around and utilise the information you provide.

Build trust

Having a mobile-friendly website with a clearly labelled menu, fast loading times and easily accessible information will build trust with your target audience.

By providing a positive and simple user experience, you can minimise your site’s bounce rate and keep users engaged on each and every page.

Increase your visibility

When your site has a mobile-friendly design that keeps users engaged and attracts more traffic to your site, search engines like Google will notice – and once Google sees you, your visibility on the search engine results pages will skyrocket.

Utilise responsive design

Responsive web design is where the appearance of your website – the general layout and placement of visual elements – will change depending on the screen size. As the width of the browser window is expanded or reduced, the design will readjust itself to fit the new ratio.

This design technique enables users to access your website from any device including desktop, tablet and mobile. Implementing responsive web design from the very beginning of your website build will ensure that your site will be friendly to both desktop and mobile users alike.

Google uses a mobile-first indexing algorithm

Google cares about your mobile website. So much so, in fact, that the mega search engine now ranks and indexes websites based on the mobile version of the site.

This means that if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you can kiss goodbye any chance of a high ranking on the results pages.

Stay relevant with a mobile-friendly website

The future is ever-changing, but one thing is for sure – technology is here to stay. As a business owner, the best you can do is to embrace it now and reap the benefits as users come to trust your mobile-friendly website.

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