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Email Marketing in 2022

Email marketing is a great way to engage with your customers

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) refers to standalone emails and email marketing campaigns that seek to engage your subscribers and, depending on the specifics of the EDM, encourage them to take action.

Email marketing allows you to further engage with your customers through an additional touchpoint, and it’s a great way to drive sales. In 2022, email marketing is just as important as it always has been (if not more) as people move towards shopping and working online.

EDMs should contain the following:

  • Subject Heading: The first part of an EDM that the user sees is the subject heading, and it could mean the difference between having your email opened or having it ignored and deleted. Your subject heading should be punchy enough to inspire the user to open your email.
  • Preview Text: A miniscule glimpse into the EDM itself, the preview text is your opportunity to capture a reader if the subject heading hasn’t quite hooked them in. As with the subject heading, this should pack a punch, invite and intrigue.
  • Content: When it comes to EDM content, simple is best and images are everything. Keep things short, sweet and to the point. Intersperse your message with imagery to enhance the overall experience and keep readers engaged.
  • CTAs: Having a Call to Action (CTA) with kick is what will spur recipients of your email into clicking through to your website. Combined with purposeful, engaging content, your CTA is the final nudge towards getting a user to engage with your business online.
  • Sign-Off: A sign-off at the end of your EDM is only really necessary if you are writing a personalised email. If that’s the case, you have to decide between signing off as the founder or as the company itself. Which option will make more of a statement?

When is the best day to send an email?

Tuesdays and Thursdays have the best open rates.

Tuesday has the highest email open rate of them all. However, it also has the highest unsubscribe rate. So while people are more inclined to open their emails pre-hump day, they are also quick to say sayonara to businesses that no longer benefit them.

To play it safe, we recommend sending your emails on Thursday instead. Open rates are still high and unsubscribe rates are lower. It’s a win-win!

What is the best time to send an email?

6AM. The early bird gets the worm.

The best time to send an email is at 6 AM, about the same time that the working world is waking up. Why? Because a lot of people working 9-5 will check their emails while they’re still in bed. Catch them while they’re fresh, and you’ll be more likely to have your email opened.

Other key times are between 9-10 AM, 2-3 PM and 8-10 PM. In the 9-10 AM period, you can catch subscribers at the beginning of their working day while they’re still open to engagement.

Don’t miss the post-lunch buzz at 2-3 PM where the focus tends to shift from work to personal, making it the perfect opportunity to capture the attention of your subscribers.

Between 8 PM and 10 PM, you can grab their attention once again as readers have more time and headspace for your business’ EDMs before bed.

Improving your email open rate

To make the most of email marketing in 2020, you need to understand how your subscribers think. What do they want to see/read/watch? Do they care about trending topics or do they prefer unique conversation?

Whatever their schtick, you need to align with it. Rework your subject line and preview text to be punchier and more captivating. Create relevant content that your audience wants to consume and personalise emails to make your readers feel heard.

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