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5 Reasons Why You Need UX In 2022

What is UX?

UX stands for User Experience. In the virtual world, this refers to the way that user feels when they interact with your business online. Users can engage with your online business by accessing your website, software or any mobile applications.

Providing a clear and simple user experience will enable users to learn more about your business and find what they’re looking for – all in the same breath. If the experience they have is a positive one, a satisfied user will be more likely to visit again and become a new lead.

Why user experience matters

As a business owner, delivering a straightforward yet engaging user experience should be one of your top priorities. If it matters to your users – to the people visiting your website – then it should matter to you.

A positive user experience will have visitors to your site coming back for more, but a negative one? That will have those same visitors feeling dissatisfied enough to leave your site for good.

What makes for a good user experience?

1. Engage users for longer

With an engaging platform, users will be more likely to stick around and enjoy the simple, interactive process they experience. When your products, services, and general information are easy to find, your audience will dedicate more of their time to exploring your site.

2. Be recognised

Stand out from the crowd – and from your competitors – with a comprehensive and memorable user experience. By creating a design that’s both simple and unique, you will have the power to differentiate your brand and make it easily recognisable to users and search engines alike.

3. Increase leads

Bump up your conversion rate with a user experience that makes an impact. When users enjoy the experience of visiting your site, they will trust your brand and be more likely to invest in it. Capture leads and increases conversions by facilitating a positive user experience.

4. Clean and simple is cost-effective

A website design that is overly complicated will drive visitors away in droves. It will also mean a bigger budget spend on the initial website build.

An easy user experience, on the other hand, is simple and straightforward. Without all of the extravagant and unnecessary extras, it will make your website build a lot more cost-effective, too.

5. Keep users coming back for more

Delivering a positive user experience doesn’t always mean that you’ll capture a lead the first time a new user visits your website. However, what it does mean is that users are more likely to return to your site a second, third or fourth time because they enjoy the experience of visiting it.

User experience is about tapping into emotion

When you facilitate a positive user experience, you do so by eliciting emotion from your users. As visitors browse your site, they will experience certain emotions. As a business owner, your goal is to tap into those emotions in order to best promote your business.