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4 Common Website Pain Points

Website not working for you?

An irregularly updated (or incorrectly built) website can result in an array of issues that lead to a negative user experience. When your website isn’t doing what it’s supposed to, both you and visitors to your site will suffer.

Whether it’s down to delayed loading times, an unclear layout, or content that isn’t useful (or all of the above!), there will be a reason why your website isn’t performing well. The good news is that we can help you identify why.

Slow speed

When pages take too long to load, the number of visitors to your site will drop off. Why? Because people don’t like waiting. When users are browsing their phones, they want fast, snappy responses to their searches.

If your website doesn’t serve up these answers quickly, your potential customers will move onto a site that does. The cause for slow loading times could be anything from large image files to a bug in the code or bad hosting.

Confusing navigation

Any site riddled with an overabundance of pages is confusing. When those pages prove too complicated to navigate across, you’ll be left with frustrated visitors who will likely not return to your site.

With too many links, people don’t know where they’re going, how they got there, or how to get back from whence they came. Website navigation should be clear and effortless, and users should be able to replicate their journey with ease.

Poor quality content

Is the content on your website useful? Is it interesting and engaging? Does it educate the user in a positive, beneficial way? If the answer is no, then you will need to take a good, hard look at your content to see how it can be improved.

When content is not engaging or poorly written, you can kiss potential visitors to your site goodbye. SEO-focused content will get you found on search engines like Google, but well-written and captivating content is what will keep users on your site.

Lack of lead generation

While the above factors can each contribute to zero leads coming through your website, there are some other elements that could be causing your lack of lead generation.

Without a clear Call To Action (CTA), a social media presence for credibility, or any displayed offerings, your site will scare away potential customers. Building trust with your audience is a key part of gaining leads, and a properly functioning website can help you to do just that.

Identify and improve upon your website pain points

With your website working for – rather than against – you, you’ll see an increase in traffic to your site, longer session times, and more leads. Overall, resolving your website pain points will help your business grow.