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Why Does SEO Take So Long

We’ve established that SEO takes a long time, but it helps to know why

It is important to understand when you will start reaping the benefits of your SEO strategy. While the era we live in has become one of instant gratification, SEO does not fall into that category, which makes it very easy to become impatient or lose hope.

A comprehensive SEO strategy won’t work right away. If it does, it’s likely down to black hat SEO tactics – an approach that, if taken, will lead to your website being harshly penalised by Google and other search engines.

White hat vs black hat SEO

White and black hat SEO refers to the tactics used to implement your SEO strategy. The former, also known as ethical SEO, is the approach that optimises for humans first and is rewarded by the search engines as a result. The latter, however, will leave your website penalised and no longer visible on search engines as it goes against search guidelines.

Black hat SEO focuses on a search engine audience rather than a human one. While its techniques will lead to a short term boost in your site’s visibility, it will only land you in Google’s bad books as the search engine realises that foul play has been used.

White hat SEO, on the other hand, is the total opposite. It uses techniques approved and recommended by Google’s own SEO guidelines and targets a human audience rather than trying to outsmart search engine algorithms. For lasting results, it is important to always use white hat SEO tactics when implementing your SEO strategy.

The 4 C’s impacting your SEO timeline


There is a lot of competition out there, in everything – and especially in SEO. With so many websites in the online realm vying for attention, getting yours seen is going to take time.

Remember that the sites visible to you and other users have probably been in the game for a while. Since you’re just starting out, it’s okay to be playing catch up. Figuring out your SEO strategy and how your competitors are making it work will take time.

Changing algorithms

The thing about search engines, and Google especially, is that they are constantly evolving. Having become increasingly more intelligent, they have begun to interpret new information with a much more human gaze.

This means that an SEO strategy can no longer appeal only to a robotic, unfeeling audience (search engine algorithms) – it must also appeal to a human one.

The continuous growth of search engine algorithms can put a damper on what might once have been a flawless SEO strategy. This means that it is important for your strategy to be ever-evolving and always aware of algorithm changes.


Content takes time to accumulate and with SEO, it must be uploaded regularly in order to start improving site visibility. Creating, uploading and publishing content all takes time, and for a search engine to index your new content, it takes even longer.

The best content is that which is equally SEO-focused and engaging. If what you have to say is of interest and beneficial to your site visitors, they will likely keep coming back for more. Repeat visitors – as well as new visitors – to your site will help to improve your SEO score and get Google to notice you sooner.


With more money comes more opportunities to pour resources into a profitable marketing strategy. And with more marketing avenues available to you comes a higher chance of driving visitors back to your site.

Increasing traffic back to your site through click funnels, social platforms, paid advertising and other non-SEO related channels will lead to more organic traffic. In turn, this will work to boost your overall SEO score and get you climbing the search engine result pages.

The turtle wins the race in this one

Executing an SEO strategy that works will take time. It will take patience, perseverance and the implementation of legitimate techniques. A comprehensive SEO strategy will require you to adapt to changing algorithms, watch your competitors and conduct regular performance reviews.

Because if it was easy, anyone could do it. And when it comes to SEO, the turtle beats the hare, every time.

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