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Short Term Strategies to Boost SEO

SEO is a long-term game. But you can still use short-term tactics

In the world wide web, ‘SEO’ has sometimes been reduced to nothing more than a buzzword with no real relevance.

Those who saw it as more are now reaping the benefits, where others (and their businesses) have faded deep into the dark recesses of the web.

Crucial for getting your website found on search engines like Google and Bing, SEO enables people, businesses, communities and the like to have their voices heard.

Most of us have become accustomed to the much-repeated adage that SEO is a long term strategy and it takes time to see results. While that is true, there are some short term tactics you can employ to speed up the process.

Upload new content regularly

Content is a key factor in ensuring that your SEO strategy works. Uploading new content regularly is the best way to do it.

Your on-page SEO focuses on integrating keywords strategically throughout web copy, as well as blog and media content.

If you upload content on a regular basis, you will have more opportunities to integrate keywords and increase your site’s visibility on Google.

Speed up loading times

Slow loading times will have users clicking away from your website before the landing page has even had a chance to load. As a general rule of thumb, any given page on your site should load in no more than 3 seconds.

As users, we are becoming increasingly more impatient. Our dwindling attention spans make us quick to click out of sites that aren’t immediately captivating.

If your website speed is not optimised, users won’t hesitate to leave and never return. With so many other sources of information and entertainment at their fingertips, why would they?

Whether your loading times are being impacted by large image files or faulty coding, speeding up your website should always be a high priority.

Update old content

Improving your SEO performance isn’t just about uploading regular content. The old content, the stuff already filling up the site, is also important.

Tie new keywords into the old articles and web page content, and make sure that what you wrote about then is still relevant today. If it isn’t, rework it until it is.

This could mean making minor tweaks to blog posts, editing the alt text on old images, or completely rewriting your About page. Whatever the case, keep all of the content on your site in line with your current SEO strategy.

Pick up your social media game

Making your presence known on social media is a great way to direct potential leads back to your site.

Post regularly to ensure that your profile remains relevant and visible. Interact with other social media users including both your followers and the accounts that inspire you.

While increasing your following can be helpful in the long run, the first and most important step is to increase engagement. By crafting interesting and unique content, your followers will want to engage with you, learn more about your business, and recommend you to others.

Boost your SEO using these short-term strategies

Getting found on Google takes time, it’s true. But by incorporating these tactics into your SEO strategy, it might not take as long as you think.

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