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How Do Web Design, Development & SEO Come Together?

Building a website is like doing a puzzle: everything has its place

But it’s only a very small puzzle, because web design, web development and SEO are the only pieces. And it’s also a very complex puzzle because after separating the three, you realise that each piece is a puzzle within itself.

It’s like the movie Inception. Dreams within dreams within dreams.

The point is that when executed correctly, web design, web development and SEO all fit together in a very smart and strategic way. To get your website working properly, you have to put the pieces in the right place.

The relationship between web design, development and SEO

A functioning website that delivers a positive user experience requires expert integration of web design, development and SEO.

Popular websites are most often the ones that don’t require any effort to use. If a user can arrive on a page and start interacting with it immediately and without difficulty, they are much more likely to stay on your site – and much more likely to convert to a sale.

Make sure it’s mobile friendly

Every person and their dog has a mobile these days, and it’s important that you cater to their digital needs.

Making your website mobile-friendly means being able to reach people when they’re out and about – and not only when they’re on their computers at home.

Optimise your content

All of the content on your website must be optimised. Not only that, but it must also be clear, coherent and easy for users to read and digest.

Optimising content means writing informative, attention-grabbing articles and general web page copy that is sprinkled with strategically placed keywords.

Is it easy to navigate?

Web design enables you to create a user flow that is easy for potential customers to follow when they land on your site.

Developing the functionality is what allows them to move from page to page with ease. If your website offers a simple user experience, it is more likely to have increased session times and lower bounce rates.

Loading times

In this age of instant gratification and short attention spans, website speed is everything. You will have approximately 2 seconds to capture users – any more than 3, and half of your visitors will abandon ship.

To speed up loading times, image, audio and video files need to be condensed. Code must be written correctly as well. Page speed doesn’t just affect users; it affects Google, too.

If your site speed is slow, Google will crawl and index fewer pages, which means that you’ll end up with less visibility in the search engine’s page results.

Web design, development and SEO go hand-in-hand

To build a website that functions smoothly offers an enjoyable user experience and shows up on Google (or other search engines), your web design, development and SEO need to be effectively integrated.

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