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What is Web Development?

Understanding web development: it’s not as complicated as you might think

Unless you’re trying to be a web developer, in which case – yeah, it’s pretty complicated. But simply understanding what web development is? That’s a task any non-techy person can handle.

First comes web design, then comes web development

Web design is the step that comes before web development, and you can’t build a website from scratch without it. It focuses on the look and layout of the site, which is what users see when they scroll through each page.

Web development is the next step in the process, where your trusty developer brings the design to life and makes it ‘clickable’ and ‘navigable’ for users.

The 3 components of web development

When you get down to the bare bones of it, web development comes in 3 separate parts. Front-end, back-end and CMS.

1. Front-end

Also referred to as ‘client-side’, front-end development manages everything that the user sees. It’s all about the visuals and turning the original design into an actual website.

This form of development is responsible for the fonts, layout, colours and overall content that you see when you land on a website.

While it is possible to create a static website using only front-end development, there is a catch. A static website only allows users to navigate from page to page – it doesn’t give them the option to fill out contact forms or purchase products.

And that’s where back-end development comes in.

2. Back-end

Think about internet hackers you’ve seen on TV and in movies. You know how they’re either super grungy or super cool, and they type really fast, and their computer is usually just a black screen packed with letters, numbers, symbols and not really any English?

Yeah, that’s the backend of your website. The back-end is where all of the technical stuff happens, allowing users to interact with the site.

It’s the part of the website you don’t see and it focuses on making functionality work. Everything from filling out a contact form, making a purchase or booking a class uses back-end development.

3. CMS

A Content Management System (CMS) is your best friend. It does exactly what it says it does – allows you to manage (update, change, delete etc) content on the site.

Want to add a new blog post? Awesome, you can do that from your CMS! Ready to swap out the old images on your site for new ones? That’s CMS all the way, baby.

A CMS allows you to take ownership of your site once it’s up and running and enables you to add any additional pages, posts or general information without having to run to your design and development team for help.

The internet isn’t going anywhere, and neither should you

Jumping aboard the you-need-a-website-for-your-business train is an absolute must. With an online portal, you will have the opportunity to showcase your product or service in the digital world, giving you access to new users and current customers – and vice versa.

The power of the internet is growing every day as society continues to pour more of its time and resources into it. It isn’t going anywhere, and it’s time you used its influence to your small business’ advantage.

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