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What COVID-19 Means For Your Small Business

The effects of COVID-19 in 2020

This new strain of coronavirus, known as COVID-19, is the word on everyone’s lips. On the not-so-busy streets, in the once-bustling cafes and the now-empty public transport system, COVID-19’s effects are being felt everywhere. 

As a small business owner, you could very well find yourself faced with the confronting question: how do I stay in business? 

These are unprecedented, trying times and it’s important to map out and understand your best course of action. Now is the time to be proactive, take rational steps and avoid falling into the hysteria trap.

How to prepare your small business for the potential impact of COVID-19

Because everyone is talking about it, we’re sure you don’t need a history lesson. But that being said, this is not the first virus to have hit the global population, hard. 

Business can be much like a wave – it will ebb and flow in intensity and success no matter the economic or global implications. 

Over the centuries, staying afloat during a virus outbreak was a difficult thing to do. However, with the advances of the 21st century in healthcare and technology, business owners today have more power than ever before. 

Stay up-to-date on COVID-19 developments

It is crucial that you educate yourself daily on news of COVID-19 as any rising or shifting developments could impact your business. 

By simply being aware, you could prevent any unexpected challenges and keep your business a step ahead.

Turn to your community

In the face of COVID-19, we’ve seen many people turn to fear rather than respect and unity. This has been evident in the empty supermarket shelves and altercations over something as basic as toilet paper. 

Just a few short months ago, we were all coming together to help those affected by the bushfires, and it’s important to help your community again now more than ever. 

Rather than excluding and isolating those around you, share with them. As a business owner, you can create a safe space where people know they can get what they need, and that everything will be distributed fairly.

Hope for the best while preparing for anything

It’s better to take extraordinary, almost obsessive precautions and stay safe than to do nothing and face what could be fatal consequences.

In life and in business, it is important that you map out a plan as to how you will overcome obstacles and continue on even when that might feel impossible.

If it turns out that all you did was overreact in your preparedness, at least you can laugh about it later!

Move your business online

With the onset of self-isolation and employees transitioning into remote work, the influence and potential of the digital world is going to skyrocket. 

If you haven’t already, move your business online. And if you’ve already gone digital, invest in your online presence. Making sales means making sure that your target audience can find you when perusing the web.

Stay safe and be kind to your neighbours

COVID-19 is impacting the world in a very real way. Never before have we seen a pandemic such as this and the most important thing that we can do is remember who we are. 

Be kind to your neighbours, to your friends and family and most importantly, to strangers. Share what you have where you can and work together to find a solution where you can’t.

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For us, it’s business as usual! If you have any enquiries about going digital or ramping up your online presence, we’ll be more than happy to chat. During this time of social distancing, we’re also happy to set up a video meeting rather than an in-person one. Oh, the wonders of technology!

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