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Top 2020 business trends

Stay ahead of the curve in 2020 by keeping up with relevant business trends

If you’re a small business owner, you already know how important it is to be 2 steps ahead of every other player on the field.

Keeping up with current trends – and if you’re influential enough, creating new ones – is a crucial part of the business.

From basic customer service to creative marketing and technology, the latest trends can come from any corner of the business sphere. Being aware of these leading trends and incorporating them into your business practice will help you to land and retain new customers.

The top 5 business trends you should know about in 2020

1. Customer reviews matter

With Google at our disposal and so many new things to try, buy and experience, a positive customer review is everything.

We remember a time when walking down the street and choosing a restaurant, or asking a friend for a last-minute recommendation, was the go-to way to find a place to eat.

But these days, the easiest way for us to discover whether or not something is worth our time is by Googling it – and reading the reviews that previous customers have posted online.

To keep up with this trend, provide a platform for customers where they can leave reviews. And if you want these reviews to be positive, ensure that the customer experience you deliver is a genuine one.

2. The gig economy continues to grow

The gig economy is pretty straightforward: it calls for one-off gigs rather than a permanent role within a company. A business actively taking part in the gig economy would hire a freelancer or someone on a short term contract as opposed to an ongoing, full-time employee.

This new labour market cuts down on business costs significantly because these one-off contracts don’t require full-time benefits like sick days or annual leave that come with a salaried position.

This is especially beneficial to small business owners who might not have the resources to bring another member onto their team.

3. The age of social responsibility and being eco-friendly

The older generations are out and the new ones are in. The youth of today bring with them a passion for recognising climate change, saving the rainforests, supporting the #MeToo movement, speaking out against violence, and so much more.

If you want your business to stand out to these revolutionary kids and young adults (and everyone else on their same wavelength), you need to introduce eco-friendly practices and social responsibility into your business.

Whether by recycling, going paperless, standing up for equal rights or embracing fair trade, you have a myriad of options at your disposal to improve the ethics of your business.

4. Mobile-friendly is a must

It’s 2020 and everyone – and we mean everyone – has a mobile phone. If you want to keep up with the times, your business needs to be phone-friendly.

That means making sure your website is compatible with desktop, tablet, and mobile. And not only that, but it’s also important to ensure that your business is easily accessible across social, Youtube, and other digital platforms.

While potential customers are perusing their phones on the train, on the toilet, or in front of the TV, you have the opportunity to capture their attention. So make sure you’re doing it the mobile way.

5. Employee happiness becomes a priority

Happy employees make for happy customers, and happy customers make for a happy company.

Employees who are content in their workplace are more productive, more engaged in their roles, and more committed to helping the company succeed.

If you want loyal employees who understand that their contribution matters, bringing their happiness into the picture is imperative. Build a culture in your business that breeds positivity, encouragement, and motivation.

It’s time to adopt the trends that will help your business succeed in 2020

Though some of these trends may be more applicable to your business than others, it’s important for you to incorporate those that will make a positive impact.

Reaping tomorrow’s rewards means investing in future and current trends today.

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