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Content vs SEO Optimised Content

Two sides of the same coin

When comparing standard content and SEO optimised content, you’ll find that the difference is small. Small, but not inconsequential!

Like two sides of the same coin, you couldn’t actually have one without the other. To have SEO optimised content, people first had to have invented content. Which we did!

It’s like the chicken and the egg theory, except that with content and SEO optimised content, we already know which comes first.

And that’s because the content – plain and simple – has been around forever. But content marketing has only been around for the past 150 years or so.

A brief history of content marketing

Content marketing has been around for just about as long as people have had things to sell and a print medium to sell them on (like a newspaper or a commandment stone).

Before that, it was all hieroglyphs and cave drawings. And it wasn’t so much ‘content marketing’ as it was ‘WARNING’ and ‘DEATH BY BEAR IMMINENT’.

Anyway, all joking aside, content marketing started way back in the late 1800s.

That’s when technology started to make things easier, with improvements in customer-directed communication and transportation of goods enabling companies to sell their products further and faster.

What does content marketing have to do with SEO optimised content?

Content marketing is all about creating interesting, engaging content to share across different media platforms (print, digital, television, radio) to attract potential customers to your product.

And hopefully (if executed well), it will encourage them to convert from a lead to a sale!

SEO optimised content is relevant here because it helps content marketing in the online realm.

It interacts directly with the search engine and if implemented in favour of Google’s fancy algorithm, it will boost the visibility of your website. In turn, this will help you rank higher in the search engine results pages.

Though it’s a matter of patience and playing the long game, SEO optimised content will eventually have you seeing more of your target audience more often.

And as traffic to your site grows, naturally, so will sales!

If you’re taking your business online, use SEO optimised content

But don’t go too crazy with it! Back when SEO first started out, those in the know would write content specifically for Google and its (back then) not-so-intricate algorithm.

It didn’t matter whether the content was any good, so long as it was crammed full of keywords.

Over the years, however, Google has been growing taller and broader and smarter, just like we have. And its intricate and often-changing algorithm now wants us to write for our audience.

If you write repetitive content or content for computers instead of people, your site will be penalised and your SEO performance will suffer.

So write content that you would enjoy reading yourself, and optimise it using SEO best practices as you go.

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