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4 benefits of SEO you need to know

There is more to SEO than just a page 1 ranking

When people think ‘SEO’, they often assume that the start and end of it all are simple to get a page 1 ranking.

But that’s not where the story ends, no sir!

SEO has a lot more benefits than just boosting your site’s visibility and improving your ranking on Google. It actually helps the overall success of your business in a myriad of ways.

Everyone working in the digital world knows that in order to succeed, a website needs SEO. But do you know the reasons why?

4 benefits of SEO (beyond the obvious)

As experts in SEO, we know the ups, downs, ins, and outs of the whole process. And we want to share our knowledge with you!

So we’ve put together a list of the 7 main benefits that SEO has to offer, beyond the obvious (a page 1 ranking – that’s ‘the obvious’).

1. Drives quality traffic back to your site

So you’ve got a lot of traffic visiting your site, do ya? But how do you know that it’s quality traffic?

An SEO targeted audience is one that genuinely wants what you have to offer. They’re visiting your website because it was one of the prominent results for a search that they put into Google.

They didn’t end up on your site for no reason – they’re actively searching for something. And according to your keyword implementation, your website has that something.

2. Builds trust and credibility with your audience

When you’re searching for something on Google, like skincare or trampolines, you’re more likely to trust the websites on page 1 than you are on page 10.

And why is that?

Because Google trusts them. That’s why they’re on page 1, after all. And since they’re on page 1, other people will trust them, too.

Luckily for you, it works both ways. Building trust with your consumers and the credibility of your brand is a corresponding benefit to the SEO efforts that you put into being on page 1.

3. Organic results from SEO outperform PPC

There is something about organic results on Google that just feel more trustworthy.

With pay-per-click (PPC), you can advertise your website at the top of pages on Google, sure. But if you can, anyone can!

And how can a potential customer know that the business at the other end of the ad is legit?

With SEO, users know that the organic results on page 1 have got to where they are because Google trusts them. And because the companies themselves have put in the necessary effort to be found.

It all comes down to trust and hard work, in the end (as with anything, it would seem).

4. Measures real-time, and ensures long-term, success

When using the correct tools or working with an expert SEO agency, you can measure the results of your SEO in real-time.

With a comprehensive SEO report, you can view things like the number of visitors to your site, the amount of time they spend there and the overall increase in traffic.

In order for SEO to make a positive impact, you have to be in it for the long haul. And the best part is that once you start to see results, your SEO efforts will continue to generate long-term, ongoing success.

SEO is crucial for anyone with an online business

Truly! If you want your business to be noticed in the digital world then you have to get in cahoots with Google.

And once you’ve adhered to its ever-improving algorithm, you’ll be able to better reach your target audience, sit back, relax and watch as an influx of quality traffic is directed to your site.

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