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SEO web content: the 4 truths on why it’s so good for you!

Much like a green smoothie, serving up a tasty side of SEO web content is all about the ingredients.

First, let me explain what I mean when I say “SEO web content”. We’re talking words, images, videos, audio – anything on your site that enhances the design but isn’t technically a part of it AND optimises your pages at the same time!

Here’s an analogy: think of content in relation to your own human body. Web development (all of the technical stuff) is like the bones, the blood, the organs, the gut. Then you’ve got the design (layout, style, theme, etc), the skin that holds all of the inside stuff together.

And the content? All of the things that make you, you! Hair, eyes, freckles, crinkles, wrinkles, colouring, birthmarks, scars – the list goes on! It’s what sets you apart from everyone else and that’s exactly what you should want for your website.

1. WORDS – Best practices for SEO copywriting

Not much of a writer? Hire one! Or wrangle your twice-removed niece who just finished her creative writing degree into doing it for you! Whatever the case, make sure that whoever you get to write your content is GOOD AT IT. 

Read over some of their previous work first to make sure they can deliver the right tone, sentence structure, grammar, variation and consistency. If you want your target audience to trust you, you have to write to them in a way that promotes your professionalism AND gives them something to relate to. 

And if you consider yourself a crack shot writer, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and D.I.Y.

2. IMAGES – The importance of imagery in your content marketing strategy

Perfect for enhancing written content, images can add a real flair to your website. The quality needs to be good – no one wants to look at blurry photos! If you don’t have any high-quality photos of yourself or your service/product, set up a photoshoot with a professional photographer. 

Alternatively, if splurging on extraneous activities like photography isn’t yet something that your business is ready for, find a mate who is handy with a camera to do it for you. In exchange, you can offer them some brewskis and a barbecue. Or something equally as hospitable and perhaps not quite so Australian. Up to you!

There are also some pretty great websites like Unsplash and Pixabay that let you download high-quality photos for free!

3. VIDEOS – Generate more search traffic with YouTube SEO

The world is changing and you need to change along with it! Videos are quickly surpassing text as the best way to reach your potential customers. Rather than telling them how your product will change their life, why don’t you show them? 

Putting together a YouTube video worth going viral takes practice and patience and persistence (as with anything!). But nobody starts out an expert and if you’re not yet a videographer, don’t stress! Just film something simple that shows your audience who you are. Film in the car or the bathroom or the backyard – wherever you feel most comfortable! 

Showcase who you are and your clients will love you for it. 

4. AUDIO – A new era of audio content marketing

Audio content is growing significantly in popularity. Rather than listening to music on their commute, while cooking or during other miscellaneous activities, people have started tuning in to podcasts!

Make sure that any podcast, music or general audio content you upload to your site is of top-notch quality and content, consistent with your brand and attention-grabbing for your audience. 

SEO web content is important!

When done right, it has the capacity to positively showcase who you are AND draw people in. It’s a win-win, seriously! When your content tells your story in a personable, cohesive way, visitors to your site will convert to customers quicker than you can say “CONTENT!”